Five Haiku

Abandoned ski lodge
Fix it up into a home
Ski right into work.

Afraid in the dark
Of monsters that surround me
Pray for some courage.

Going the way of manners
Right out the window.

Three ancient volumes
Keeping a culture’s secrets
"Preserve" history.

Returns to the scene
Something there had bothered him
Look more thoroughly.


Five Haiku

A laughing doctor
Making his patients nervous
The look in his eyes.

Buss full of children
Headed to the museum
Excited chatter.

Exploring the fort
Picture how people once lived
Limited science.

Sarcastic smile
Conversation’s nature changed
Thought she was friendly.

Leaving on a trip
Make sure all my bags are packed
Fill my car with gas.


Five Haiku

Ukrainian dancing
An enjoyable evening
Very talented.

Barrels full of rain
Attracting flies and spiders
A precious resource.

Life on the highway
Visiting many diners
Witness many storms.

Keep thinking of her
Want to write her poetry
But she won’t listen.

A sinking feeling
Water rises to my neck
Sunk to a new low.


Five Haiku

Bake five dozen loaves
Cut them up for sandwiches
Feed 600 kids.

Wrapping their presents
Can’t wait to see their faces

Expecting a storm
But there is nothing all day
Maybe tomorrow.

Waiting in a hall
Descending elevator
Stairs closed for repair.

When will I see her?
Or will we cross paths again?
Is she lost to me?

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