Five Haiku

"Serenity now!"
Exclaims Mr. Costanza
"Serenity now!"

Smashed watermelon
Its fruit shattered on the ground
Ants have a picnic.

Flies flying around
Bugs keep bugging my sister
Slugs slugging it out.

Make slight adjustments
Calculate for wind and range
Let the frisbee fly!

Need to blow off steam
Find peace in the library
Then video games.


Five Haiku

Fingers lost feeling
Need a fire to warm me up
Burn down a park bench.

Kitten with a gift
Lays a grey mouse at my feet
Kept it half alive.

Building a brick house
Three stories and an attic
With many windows.

Feeding the hungry
Give shelter to the homeless
Donate some clothing.

Forgotten secrets
Disappearing memories
Your love remembered.


Five Haiku

Bees and butterflies
Take turns visiting flowers
As I take pictures.

Precise measurements
Exact specifications
Lab experiments.

Giving love a chance
See if it will prove me wrong
An honest effort.

Seafood and pasta
Garlic bread, caesar salad
Key lime pie dessert.

Smash Bros. anime
Or a comic book series
Both sound great to me!


Five Haiku

Another wedding
Makes me feel more lonely
Need reassurance.

Breakfast burrito
With salsa and sour cream
And lots of bacon!

Romantic movie
But she slept through the whole thing
He watched for nothing.

In the laundry room
Trying to figure it out
Trial and error.

A covert exchange
Secret passwords and signals
Trade information.


Five Haiku

Watching as she goes
taking my heart as she leaves
How can I go on?

Kitten in a box
Waiting for a passerby
Pounce quick as lightning!

A day in the park
Baseball then have a picnic
Enjoy fireworks.

Skating with some friends
Decent spot behind the mall
No cops to stop us.

In the library
Power suddenly goes out
Make out party time!

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