Five Haiku

A paper bag lunch
Better appreciated
Than that which was bought.

Quiet fire hall
Enjoying cigar and sunshine
A stray cat stops by.

A mighty fortress
Gives the people a safe hope
Confident archers.

Chinese medicine
Always cures what ails me
Restoring my health.

Reading Robert Frost
Before each operation
Helps me remember.


Five Haiku

Raining shattered glass
Sparkling in the sunlight
From twenty floors up.

A single bullet
Ricochets off many things
Then hits its target.

Black bullet casings
Found all over the city
On top a red X.

Found another town
Abandoned by its people
And void of color.

Penguin adventures
Sliding down all the icebergs
Teasing the orcas.


Five Haiku

Checking all the facts
Search newspapers and textbooks
Interview experts.

Sarcastic Sherlock
Dumb down what he sees clearly
For the Inspector.

Thinking of the beach
To enjoy it with my friends
Make some memories.

Reaching for the top
Pushing my body’s limits
Climbing a mountain.

Always back and forth
Are they dating or aren’t they?
Glad that isn’t us.

Does yours have an “Any” key? I can’t seem to find mine..

Does yours have an “Any” key? I can’t seem to find mine..

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Five Haiku

Kids making a trade
Both try to hide their snicker
Giving mud for dirt.

Listening to Queen
Pumps me up for the big game
Super Sonic Man!

Shadows on the tent
I am no longer alone
Need a visual.

Kung Fu tournament
Each opponent a secret
Various styles.

A tough decision
Which movie I see tonight
Action or drama?

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